mirror vbulletin members area with wget

There are several vbulletin communities to which I am member and long term contributor, where there is a risk these contributions may go offline / be lost as people move on to other things, so I make infrequent private mirrors/copies for this purpose (copyright implications considered) with the following wget cookie method.

# tested against vBulletin 4.2.0 and 4.2.1 without advanced protection enabled
# run withing screen on centos minimal (yum install wget screen -y)
# your-vbulletin-username = username
# your-vbulletin-password = abc123
# vbulletin-domain-name = www.vbulletin.com/forum/ or www.domain.ext
# 1 666 = starting_thread ending_thread

# setup the cookie fetch
export VBUSER='your-vbulletin-username'
export VBPASS='your-vbulletin-password'
export VBPASSMD5=`echo -n "$VBPASS" | md5sum | awk '{ print $1 }'`
export VBLOGIN="--save-cookies cookies.tmp --keep-session-cookies --post-data='vb_login_username=`echo $VBUSER`&cookieuser=1&vb_login_password=`echo $VBPASS`&s=&securitytoken=guest&do=login&vb_login_md5password=`echo $VBPASSMD5`&vb_login_md5password_utf=`echo $VBPASSMD5`' http://vbulletin-domain-name/login.php --delete-after"
# execute the cookie fetch
echo $VBLOGIN | xargs wget

# fetch using cookies in series
for i in `seq 1 666`;
 # wget -nv -x --load-cookies cookies.tmp "http://vbulletin-domain-name/showthread.php?t=$i"
 # more efficient archive method, thanks J
 wget -w 1 --mirror --no-parent --load-cookies cookies.tmp "http://$URL/archive/index.php/t-$i.html" 

If you are mirroring a large forum or have urgency, the consider building a url-list.txt and using "wget -i" for their execution (rather than executing wget as a whole each time) and/or use parallel to execute, eg: # fetch using cookies in parallel for i in seq 1 666; do echo "http://vbulletin-domain-name/showthread.php?t=$i" >> url-list.txt done

cat url-list.txt | parallel --gnu "wget -nv -x --load-cookies cookies.tmp {}"