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Pipe Ten Hosting logo Formerly employed as a PHP developer with my business partner a web designer, we started Pipe Ten Ltd in 2002 providing web sites and web applications for small businesses.

Web hosting at the start was just a necessity to deliver our development work, but our understanding of the needs of our customers and the technology allowed us to deliver a service level that was in significant demand from other web developers, so in 2006 we decided to focus full time on web hosting with Pipe Ten Hosting Ltd.

Since 2006 we have been focused on delivering an honest product, with sustainable growth and a good working environment. In 2021 our turnover is approaching £ 1 million annually with 7 full time employees and we continue to reinvent the business to serve the needs of our fellow web professionals.

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Purely Domains logo purely is a brand of Pipe Ten Hosting Ltd. It offers over 300 different domain name extensions which include FREE DNS service, FREE URL forwarding, FREE Email forwarding and other sensible services.

Our focus is:

  • All popular domain extensions
  • No hidden fees
  • No unnecessary upsells
  • No gimmicks

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Technical Director

Purely Domains logo Delivering technical consultancy and directorship in the sphere of web connected technologies is what I do best, Technical Director Ltd is where I do it.

Property investment is a secondary focus of my long term strategy, with a number of commercial and residential properties under management in Sheffield and surrounding areas.

I also invest energy into web development projects which usually help support my primary goals and provide a low pressure way to keep my hand to modern web development practices and technologies.

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It's hard work maintaining a frequently updated blog with quality content and altruistic purpose, so instead I have a Slowly Updating Log or SLOG which is infrequently updated with questionable content for largely my own purposes.

The SLOG will typically cover topics such as:

  • Technology
  • Security
  • Privacy & Transparency
  • Dogs
  • DIY



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